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What do we do?

Welcome to our family. We at KhadiVadi educate people about ethics.

This blog is inspired by Gandhian philosophy. We try to focus on nonviolence and truth attributes. 

Knowledge is what makes us superior to animals. Right knowledge is the need of the day. 

About the team of the KhadiVadi group

We are a team of highly educated people. With a bunch of engineers, MBAs and Doctors, we want to make this blog successful.

What do we offer?

Here, on KhadiVadi you will learn about the following topics:

  • Ethical money making
  • Ethical Business
  • Inspirational biographies
  • Hindi content
  • Ayurveda

What do we expect from you?

We think that everybody should welcome change. That's why we want our readers to provide honest feedback in the form of a comment.

How to reach out to us?

You can write to us with your queries and suggestions at

Or,  find out our contact form.


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